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Creating a Company with Advanced Research and Development

Satake recognizes its investment in research and development as the driving force behind the company's success. Over 300 engineers conduct research at the Engineering Division in Hiroshima. The company holds over 3,000 patents. Satake's basic development concept is to improve customer's satisfaction by shifting from macro-technology, where rice is considered as a whole, to micro-technology, where rice kernels are individually recognized. Today, Satake is dedicating itself to nano-technology and its relation to agricultural chemicals, bacteria, and components of grains.


The Sorting and Processing Integrated Center is designed to determine the effectiveness and optimal setting of our sorting and processing machinery by sorting and processing materials supplied by our clients. The center has tested a wide range of materials, not only rice and wheat, but also beans, foodstuff, plastic pellets, recycled resin, and other products.


Crystal Laboratory

The Crystal Laboratory is an R&D facility established with the concept; "Where both Satake and Customers Create New Values." The Facility consists of the main test facility and special laboratories in each area of expertise.


Grain Analysis Center

The center provides various services, such as rice variety identification, simultaneous pesticide analysis, and rice taste evaluation, which support production, processing, and logistics for safe and reliable food products. The center is ISO/IEC17025 certified and provides quality service with advanced technology.


Welcome Hall

The hall exhibits grain samples of rice, wheat, and corn, collected through research and development.


The Main Test Facility

The Universal Transport System is installed in the Main Test Facility as a model plant for rice drying and milling.


Specialty Laboratories

Satake researches and develops in specialized areas such as DNA identification, chemical structural analysis, micro-morphology analysis, and invests in the area of micro- and nano-technology.


Satake History Museum

The museum exhibits milestone products, and displays achievements of successive management in Satake's history of over a century.