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Length Grader


The Satake Length Grader uses an indented cylinder to separate one or two kinds of broken or shorter grains from whole grain by length. Length graders are indispensable for producing high quality products in rice milling and seed cleaning plants, since the broken or shorter grains that are more than half the length of whole grain are difficult to separate through sieving or thickness / width grading.

The grains which are longer in length drop out of the indents before they reach the catch trough. The grains which remain in the indents are thrown into the catch trough.


  1. Easy assembly and disassembly operations are ensured through its compact design, a light body and its simple construction.
  2. The transition pipes are equipped with sampling outlets so that grain can be sampled at each stage.
  3. The degrees of separation of grain can be observed through the inspection windows.
  4. Lower maintenance is ensured through the use of direct—coupled motors rather than belt or chain drive systems.
  5. More than 10 types of screens of different configuration are available for separating various types of grains.