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Grain Pre Cleaning System


Satake introduces latest innovation in Grain Cleaning thereby imparting High Technology with Ease of Operation in the field.

The difficult impurities like Strings, Straws , loose sticks in the material are checked and removed by the top Drum Separator. This uses a drum sieve for efficiently removing such long and light impurities.

The bottom portion is fully enclosed sieve section for removing impurities based on their size. Satake offers a range of screen sizes for various applications. Please consult while ordering for the right selection.

This can be used as a pre-cleaner for Silo intake sections and also as a Mill Cleaner for grains coming from storages and warehouses.


  1. Equipped with a DRUM SIEVE SEPARATOR On the TOP.
  2. Fully Enclosed Body to prevent Dust escaping from sides.
  3. Very effective Aspiration.
  4. Easy to remove the screens and clean them.
  5. Due to Drum Separator the Maintenance is much reduced.