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Color Sorter Machine

SATAKE color sorter is a high tech multi commodity sorting machines that meets and fulfils the need of food processing industry. SATAKE being in the industry for more than 100 years and serving the best to the industry in the color sorting field. The newest rice color sorter of our corporation is an advanced product which is designed and developed after researching the different kind of products.

Satake has been manufacturing and supplying Color Sorters as a pioneer inventor of technology for sorting Rice, Wheat, Grains, Cereals, Pulses/Lentils, Cashew, Peanuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Paddy Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Coconut Flakes, PET Flakes, Maize, Guar Gum, Poppy Seeds, Semolina, Nuts, Tea, Coffee and Plastic Flakes and other commodities of similar nature.

Color sorting machines are integrated with high end Optics with precision electronics that combines embedded system with Digital Image Technique perfectly. Color sorting is a solution for separating unwanted contamination and foreign material from good material based on COLOR and type.

Color sorting depends upon the principle of differentiating the color of foreign material from the good one by using advanced CCD or High Resolution sensors which use image capturing process to check these unwanted / discoloured or defected grains. The defects are removed at high speeds of even 10 T/H successfully without any human interface required.

The final Result - Uniform , Single Color Product which adds value to any brand or food value of grains.


Infrared for the Optimum in Foreign Material Removal

Satake, the originator and the recognized leader in infrared technology, presents an entirely new approach to the old problem of foreign material sorting by using advanced sensing detectors. These sensors, which combine conventional visible sorting with the combine conventional visible sorting with the newer infrared sorting technology, are patented by Satake USA.

While other companies may refer to their machines as having "infrared capabilities," the Scan Master DE high capacity system incorporates conventional color sorting and real infrared sensitivity in a true dichromatic sort.

The pictures on the right are two identical samples, one inspected with normal visible lighting and one inspected with infrared.

Apart from Rice & Flour Sector, Satake is a major player in Food Sector, Environmental System Sector, Industrial Machinery Sector.


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