SSM Sorters


Significant Key Points:-

  • Improved Performance
  • The New Optical Sorter further enhances sorting performance for both ACCEPT and REJECT grains. with improved CCD cameras and a more accurate rice-center ejecting function. The chute has been widened and the ejectors and internal structure have been optimized to improve sorting performance and throughput capacity.

  • Simple and Easy Operation
  • The new color touch panel has 12.1 inches screen, indicates graphically necessary information. Large icon provides easier operation and better legibility. The image simulation feature allows the user to visually evaluate the effects of numerical sensitivity adjustments, instantly and effortlessly Flow rate is automatically adjusted according to ejector blowing frequency.

  • Tertiary model Atertiary sorting model (DIS / DMS) has been added to our optical sorter lineup. This new model further reduces the number of inadvertently rejected grains by adding a third re-sort process.


  • CCD Sensor (All Types) twice the precision by doubling the camera scanning speed.
  • NIR Sensor (AMS/BM/DMS) The NlFt (Near Infrared Flays) sensor meets the fundamental needs of the rice mill in the 21st century NIFt technology eliminates impurities such as glass, plastic and stones, by utilizing the infrared light spectrum to detect hazardous foreign material.
  • NIR technology ensures product quality and reduces liability Models without NIH technology (AIS / Bl / DIS types) are available to meet more basic sorting requirements.
  • Flice-Center Detection & Ejection The new Optical Sorter is equipped with a rice-center detection and ejection function which increases sorting performance and reduces contamination rates, both of bad grain in products and good grain in secondary rejected grain.
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